Learning mindfulness meditation

Learning mindfulness meditation

We know nothing of the beauty and all her abilities if we do not notice her. Some people don’t even notice that they feel bad, that they are hungry or in pain, let alone the beauties of life that hide around them. It is something very disadvantageous not to notice. How about, for example, over a week, just the beautiful things around you? To focus all his concentration only on it, in order to hide the negative events. Admittedly, that sounds difficult, but with the help of a certain method and the knowledge about it, introduction to mindfulness meditation can actually succeed with some discipline.

Before that, we want to take a little trip to find out why people are the way they are and what the thought world is primarily based on. This is a first step to get to know yourself a little better and perhaps to change something.

Our thoughts originate from the experiences we have made ourselves in the course of our lives, from what we have taken over and what we have learned. But deep within us there is also knowledge stored that has always existed and only comes to light through certain events or encounters. Our thoughts are free and only with the evaluation of the respective situation we give strength to our thoughts. This can be good, but it can also be bad. This is because most people do not realize their thoughts because they do not control their thinking. We think back and forth and the wonderful creative potential of our thoughts is destroyed. To activate this creative power it is important to leave the state of evaluation and to bring about a state of harmony, love and inner peace.

Mindfulness includes the beginner spirit

For this you should be aware of a thought pattern from the Talmud:
“Pay attention to your thoughts, for they become words. Pay attention to your words, for they become actions. Pay attention to your actions, for they become habits. Pay attention to your habits, for they become character. Pay attention to your character, for it will become your destiny.”

One fact of life is that we start over and over again, whether we are aware of it or not. Things that we have often done – and of course the new ones – we should do with an open attitude. Always with the awareness that no moment resembles the other completely and therefore also with great attentiveness.

If you want to cultivate the beginner spirit, this is only possible if you feel ready to be more and more in the present. In all spiritual traditions, the importance of being in the present is always emphasized.

Being present is the best remedy for fear, provided the present is not threatening. If you are able to perceive exactly what “now” is, some fear will go away by itself.

This is where the method of mindfulness/insight meditation comes in for a deep sense of the present state, which allows to stop the confused thoughts and calm the mind.

Can anyone learn this form of meditation?

In order to make it easier for you to be the “right” person for mindfulness meditation, you should briefly deal with the following exercises:

How brave are you?

Take your time and write down what you have learned in the course of your life so far: Running, swimming, cycling, cooking, writing or arithmetic.

Observe yourself: Have you noticed that you needed courage for this?

Call up one of the situations and associate it with feelings. Were you curious, anxious or discouraged? Was it easy or difficult? If it was
you were brave or you wouldn’t have done it.

How much heart and mind do you use?

The “Little Prince” of Antoine de Saint Exupery says: “It is good to see with your heart”. There are many exercises to live “from the heart”.
Here you should observe yourself and make notes about when you “feel good from the heart”.

The goal, of course, is that it is good for your heart and good for your heart. Perhaps once a day you will turn to your heart by turning your head slightly to the left and sending out loving and grateful thoughts. You will notice that there will be a lot to come out of it.

Heart and mind should cooperate

Practice that heart and mind have common interests, even if it is often said that both are too opposite.

Find a way that the heart serves the mind and vice versa. The moment you read this now would be a possibility. How do you feel about it; is it wise to read this and do you feel comfortable?

Joy as a way

Does it make you happy to discover something beautiful? How do you react to the first rays of sun after long grey days? What do you feel when a baby smiles? Joy is the way to consciously perceive the little things of everyday life with the many moments of happiness. Discover the little flowers in the rubble and in the sand. As Hermann Hesse once put it: “And even the most unhappy life has its sunshine hours and its little happiness flowers between the sand and the rock.

Keep a diary of your most joyful events and you will find that they become a true source of strength.

Feel your breath

An exercise that may be considered simple, but is not necessarily so. There are different breathing techniques, but no matter which one you use, it is always important that you feel your breath intensely. You can make this a regular exercise throughout the day.

Simply perceive that you breathe, that you inhale and exhale again – one minute is enough to try out the effect and feel it for yourself. Breathing is a very important element in mindfulness meditation.

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