Beginner Workout to Lose Weight

Beginner Workout to Lose Weight

When it comes to weight, we get a little bit defensive and go into denial. Reality checks right in when you go to a clothing store and all the size 12 clothes can’t fit, and you have to ask the sales assistant to get you a size 16 fit.Yeah! You know you had let yourself slip, oh who locked up the scales up in the attic when it started right back at your eyes and said you are FAT! It’s advisable to start easy with weight loss programmes with achievable short-term goals. Here are a few tips for newbies on weight loss that are so fun, simple and show visible results.

1. Walk

The beauty in walking is that you get to appreciate nature. Schedule walking into your daily routine; begin with 20,30,1 hour walks .Choose a favourite route, through a park, a quiet mountain path. Start walking slowly as you increase the pace then slow down as you close in on your walking time. By the time you realise it you, your thoughts are all sorted out; your body feels amazing. Don’t forget your iPod, enjoy some favourite tunes.

2. Jogging

Suitable for all types of schedules, fun, cheap, no gyms involved when it comes to jogging. Start with short distances as you check on the time covered, cover the same distances as you improve on the timing, increase the distance gradually over time. Don’t overdo it; you are not getting ready for a marathon, easy does it.

3. Healthy eating

The hex that is junk eating has to be reversed. Make a simple diet that works for you. Eat a balanced breakfast fit for a king, and lunch fit for a prince and dinner whose budget provides that of a church mouse, cliché’? Hey, it works. Reduce the portions, cut out the carbs after 3 pm. Take smoothies; munch on some healthy snacks in between. Nuts are high on energy, go easy on the jars.

4. Dancing

Dancing has been proved to be an excellent way of losing weight. It’s enjoyable, and you hardly notice you are dancing for weight loss purposes. Crank up the volume and break into a dance. The louder, the better, the crazier, the more efficient. The best part is, no schedules are required, and it’s spontaneous. Dance with your spouse and kids and bond more as you keep fit.

5. Cycling

Time to get dust off the bike, and drop some kilos. Cycling is fantastic when it comes to toning the body and getting some muscles in the right places. Ditch the car and cycle to work, go out for long cycling outings out of town. Clears the brains, exercises the lungs, and improves memory.

6. Home workouts

Thanks to YouTube you don’t have to spend a penny going to the gym. Download some easy to do home exercises, aerobics, Zumba or yoga related workouts and watch the excess weight fall off.

Losing weight is great in reducing stress, living a healthy lifestyle, good for mental health and the all timer-confidence boost.