Seating arrangements at your wedding

Seating arrangements at your wedding

To plan a wedding is complex, it should represent your most beautiful day in your life.

The seating arrangement of a wedding in Bali belongs with those organization points, in which you should invest particularly much time as a bride and groom. Because a well thought out seating arrangement for weddings contributes a large part to the fact that you experience a relaxed wedding. It removes chaos and facilitates the organization considerably.

Planning seating arrangements

The seating plan is based on a preliminary seating plan of the wedding guests. First you should start with the 8-seat method of your classic wedding seating plan. Start with the bridal table ( bridal seating arrangement ) and then plan the remaining tables. Later you can divide your guests into the U-shaped, T-shaped and E-shaped seating arrangements. This will help you to reach your goal quickly, as it is most time-consuming to put together groups of people.

Wedding table arrangement plan

Before you think about your wedding seating arrangements, you should plan your wedding table arrangements. Wedding seating arrangements can either be arranged so that the tables are arranged in rows or in rows of tables.

When planning the table arrangement of your wedding, you should consider the possibilities that the room offers for a perfect table arrangement of the wedding. Places for the buffet and musicians should be included. The type of table available – oblong, oval, round – is just as important as the table size. After all, you should calculate a width of 60 – 80 cm per guest.

TABLE ORDER: Ideas and examples

50 people – The long table

There are many different ways to arrange a wedding table. The most commonly used table arrangement for weddings is the long table. Several tables are placed next to each other with the bride and groom in the centre of the table. The long table is particularly suitable for medium-sized parties between 20 and 50 persons.

The T -shape

The T-U and E forms are also particularly popular table arrangements for a vintage wedding, as these three forms offer the best view of the bridal table. In all three seating arrangements, the bride and groom sits centrally at the table of honour with witnesses and parents, as in the table. Other relatives are seated on the long sides. This seating arrangement of a wedding is particularly suitable for very traditional and festive weddings with up to 40 persons.

The U -shape

The U-shape, also called the horseshoe shape, is suitable for long tables with a party of between 20 and 50 people. This table arrangement is often used at weddings in vintage style. Per person 3 square meters of space should be taken into account. In this seating arrangement, the bride and groom sit at the front together with the witnesses. The advantage of the U-shape is that it is well suited for small rooms and the space between the rows of tables can be used well for games and sketches.

The E shape

For an E-shaped table arrangement of the wedding, 3 square meters of space per person are also required. The advantage of the E-shape seating arrangement is that it takes up little space and still offers space for many guests. Here you can look at 3 boards.

A disadvantage of this wedding seating arrangement is that some of the guests sit back to back with each other, which can cause unrest when getting up. In addition, it is difficult for the service to get to all seats. Please note that the honor table must be long enough to accommodate three more tables. There should be a distance of one and a half metres between the tables so that it is not too narrow.

The table and free-standing tables

In a combination of table and free-standing tables, the table forms the head of the seating arrangement with the bridal couple and the parents. The free-standing tables can be round or square. Wedding table arrangements with round tables are well suited for wedding parties of 51 persons or more, as only one square metre is required per guest.

If you choose only free-standing tables, you have the option of placing the bridal table in the middle or at the beginning or end of the room. If you place the bridal table in the middle, this has the advantage that your guests can participate optimally in the event and get enough of you.

If the bridal table is at the end or at the beginning of the room, you will be able to see the wedding party beautifully and be noticed just as well. But make sure that you and the guests sit at one side of the table, otherwise part of you will sit with your back to all the guests. It would also be possible to group the table around the dance floor if it is in the middle of the room.

The advantage of this wedding table arrangement with freestanding tables is that a lot of dynamism quickly develops. This means that it is easier for the guests to change their place in between to chat, thus creating a more active exchange among each other.

With the closed form, the tables form a square metre or a rectangle. You should decide on the variant that fits best into the room.


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