Microsoft PowerPoint is a very popular presentation program that is easy and intuitive to use and is therefore also used in many business applications. It offers its users a huge selection of practical functions for creating and demonstrating successful PowerPoint presentations.

In this guide, we give you an overview of the most important functions that the Office program provides you with and explain how to create really good PowerPoint presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint.


a) Select a suitable layout

Open Microsoft PowerPoint. After you have started the program, a default slide appears immediately.

However, this slide does not yet look very appealing.

PowerPoint offers you numerous presentation templates from which you can choose. Click on the “Draft” tab at the top of the program bar.

By clicking on the arrow buttons to the right of the drafts, you can scroll up and down in the PowerPoint presentation templates to choose an attractive PowerPoint layout.

Practical tip: If, for example, you frequently have to create business PowerPoint presentations, you can save a lot of time by creating a fixed PowerPoint template with your company’s corporate design and all the important elements you need in your presentations. How to do this quickly and easily is explained in our PowerPoint tutorial “Microsoft PowerPoint – Creating Slide Layouts”. The advantage of a fixed slide layout is that you can then easily transfer it to all other PowerPoint slides in your presentations.

b) Insert text

You can now immediately start filling the first slide with text content. For this purpose, there is an area on the slide for the heading and an area for the subtitle.

To enter a title, simply click on the appropriate area. Now you can start writing directly into the text box.

The same applies to the text field in the area below the slide title. Simply click in the text box and write.

Just do the same to fill all other PowerPoint slides with text.

c) Install graphical elements

To enhance the appearance of your slides, you can add graphic elements and highlights in places.

Click on the “Shapes” icon under the “Insert” tab at the top of the program bar to open a window in which you can choose from numerous different shape options for graphics or highlights.

Choose a shape by clicking on it once with the left mouse button. Then click with the left mouse button where you want to place the object, hold down the left mouse button and drag the object to the desired size. In our example, we choose the shape “Rounded rectangle”. The result looks like this:

If you want to write text in the shape, click on the object and simply start typing. You don’t have to insert an extra text field.

d) Create more slides

To create new slides for your PowerPoint presentation, right-click on the slide behind which you want to create another slide. A window opens in which you select “New slide”.

Now a new slide will appear with your layout template.

Alternative variant: If you want to add a slide with a different layout option, click on the arrow at “New slide” at the top of the program bar under the “Start” tab.

Here you can choose from different types of slides.

e) Integrate images

Pictures also always look good in a PowerPoint presentation. To add some to your presentation, you can proceed as follows:

Click on “Graphics” in the “Insert” tab of the program bar at the top.

Now you can select the image you would like to include in your PowerPoint presentation in your corresponding storage location.

Then you can drag it into the foil to your desired size or move it as desired.

f) Create animations

Microsoft PowerPoint offers you a variety of possibilities to integrate PowerPoint animations into your presentations. For example, you can apply different animation effects to your text content and images by, for example, flying them into a slide, or you can set them to move in certain patterns – there are virtually no limits to your imagination. You can read all the details in our guidebook “Stylishly enhancing presentations with PowerPoint animation – how it works”.

g) Start the presentation mode

To start the screen presentation after you have created your PowerPoint presentation, simply click on the corresponding icon in the footer of the program, which symbolises a slide screen.

Alternatively, you can also switch to presentation mode under the “Screen Presentation” tab at the top. You can choose between the options “From start” or “From current slide” – depending on where you want to start your presentation.

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